One game-changing product.
Several intelligent solutions.

S2S is a commercial-grade software product designed to help cannabis processors streamline sales, fulfillment, and inventory management. Our customers’ favorite features include an integrated CRM, an order portal for retail partners, and the ability to instantly generate a set of auto-populated labels for an entire order. They especially love being able to instantly sublot, manifest, invoice, or transfer an entire order, each with just one or two clicks.

Our customers have been able to drastically reduce labor, remove the bottlenecks from their order fulfillment processes, and scale without bringing on more employees. In many instances, our customers have consolidated labor into one person doing the manifesting and labeling and inventory management in a fraction of the time previously taken by a team of people. Our customers have been able to consistently fulfill orders in 72 hours or less and consistently meet delivery timelines they communicated with their retail partners.

You’ll see that what makes s2solutions unique is that we took the time to do sales and order fulfillment really, really well. We focused on these bottlenecks because it is the largest area of need, it most directly impacts processors’ bottom line, and there is typically huge labor-wasting in these areas. S2S is the product of talented developers coupled with deep cannabis industry experience and deep seed funding. We are proud to offer you the software this industry deserves.

Smart Software Means Fewer Mistakes

S2Solutions is preloaded with all licensed cannabis facilities in Washington and has been designed to be the quickest solution to all your traceability needs. Our software will automatically generate purchase orders, manifests, and invoices to save you time as well as update new licensees in the state every week. As cannabis industry insiders, we know how to eliminate the headaches.


Automated Order Fulfillment Means More Sales

S2Solutions is built to help you concentrate on growth, not redundancy. Pre-sales of flower are simple with automated fulfillment, built in conjunction with Washington processors to simplify even the most complicated fulfillment issues. Customizable product and sub-product lines mean S2Solutions offers an easy to manage or compare product lines over any SKU variables. New orders are automatically allocated to available lots with simple compliance labels designed to meet all state standards. S2Solutions was designed to help you understand your inventory and quickly and accurately allocate your products.

Data Driven Software Means Sustainable Growth

Our software is designed to be easily filtered, sorted, and searched, offering you clear insights and trends to capitalize on opportunities. Staffing worries are a thing of the past with easy to monitor upcoming orders and historical sales performance. Our software is designed to resolve and simplify account issues by offering a true view into any orders or data submitted in traceability, even if you were utilizing different software.